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Dec. 31st, 2007


Jumbo Circus - aka massiv dung on stage

Went to Jumbo Circus since kittsy has never been to one. Well, the quality of the circus is very low.

Few highlights:

1. Elephant was brought in with green blue underwear chick sitting on its trunk. F'ker is trying to touch her boobs with trunk and she is pushing it away very subtly. This guy had semi-lob on.

2. Training master came in and told oliphant to stand on the table and rotate. So, fellow stood on the table (this time semi-lob turned into massiv erection). He starts rotation and also starts pissing and crapping massively. Meanwhile chick on the trunk slid on to his head (not the other head) and stayed there.

3. 10 minutes to change the carpet.

4. Such explicit adult content had to be watched by kittsy and her cousins.

5. Brought in hippopotamus. This mother badly needed dental surgeon. What screwed up teeth.

6. Jokers just stood there doing nothing.

Sep. 10th, 2007


Two for Ghalib

Came up with these while chatting to a colleague on office communicat0r..

He said:
sunte thae ishq ne ghalib ko nikamma kar diya,
humne ishq bhi kiya...
nikamme bhi hue...
par ghalib na bann sake!

I say:
huzooor, peeche mudke dekh...,
peeche mudke dekh ghalib....,
zara hum-ey bhi dhekne do ghalib key peeche....,
jahan hawa bangayi chotti tornado!


Rabbane banaya isko...,
Rabbane banaya usko...,
magar rabbane banaya humko...,
a total fiasco!

Don says:
Ab humko koi rok nahi saktha...,
Ab humko koi rok nahi saktha...,
Kyoki hummurah moo mei hai pan ka pattha!
ptcchk ptchhk.

Aug. 20th, 2007


Sanjay Gere - Bollywood Dance

Who can better this? Hilarious bollywood dance (provided by moose, posting here for quick reference:)

American was here..

Amir Khan|Amir-Can|Amri-Can|Ameri-Can| was here at ITPL to shoot for remake of Ghajini. That tamil movie which is mucked up remake of "Memento". Does Amri-Can know it is lifted? Fellow was shown on TV getting copyrights from ghajini producers. What next?

Happy B'day poocha9

Jan. 19th, 2007


Nature - Bather

Natural selection favours those who bath in hot water.
-vedala(circa. 2007)

Jan. 5th, 2007


Big Bang: or did I stumble on crucial missing line of thought?

In the book Big Bang by Simon Singh, it is mentioned that [based on distance, velocity measured by redshift of galaxies receding away from Earth, the age of universe is approx. 1.5 billion years. [time = distance/speed] Yet radioactive samples on earth shows age more than 3 billion years. This is clearly not possible and so Big Bang is not fully accepted theory since it cannot explain this].
Now, my question is this: distance measured by Hubble is relative to Earth. Our Milky Way itself would be receding away from the point of Big Bang. Which means the actual distance of receding galaxies could be even higher with respect to the place where Big Bang took place. Taking this distance, I believe, would resolve the age correctly and be consistent with samples found on Earth. Why isn't this considered by eminent scientists? May be I'm ignorant of this. May be it is revealed at the end of the book. I'm half-way through it.

Is there a 200-inch telescope in or near Bangalore?

Oct. 16th, 2006


ModernMyth - MySketches

© vedala 2005

My Sketches - ModernMyth

Ravana hogs mens room
© vedala 2005

Sep. 29th, 2006


Publish your book

One can publish own books here at lulu.com. Hey poocha9 maybe you should make your blog book and sell. Checkytout.

Sep. 27th, 2006



Korean system of Chisenbop can count up to 99 with our phingers. cool!!

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